Overview of Extension Points

The Content Services product has always been very easy to extend and customize so it can manage content from different types of domains, such as healthcare, finance, government, insurance, and manufacturing. This is supported by so called Extension Points. An extension point is a supported interface that can be used to customize the product.

The extension points can be divided into Out-of-process extension points and In-process extension points.

Out-of-process extension points

The new event system in Content Services 7 enables out-of-process extensions. To support the event system a ReST API Java Wrapper is provided for easy development of extensions from Java applications.

You should get familiar with the SDK 5 as it is the recommended way of developing out-of-process extensions.

In-process extension points

The in-process extension points can be divided further into server side extensions for the Platform, also referred to as Repository, and UI extensions for the web client called Share. To get started see Platform extensions overview and Share extensions overview.

Also, you should get familiar with SDK 4 as it is the recommended way of developing in-process extensions.

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