Configure a Process Services action

Use this information to install and configure an AMP for linking Content Services to Alfresco Process Services (APS).

When Content Services and Process Services are linked, a folder rule action can be configured that starts a Process Services process when a document is added into the folder. This is called an APS action.


To configure an APS action there are several prerequisites that must be met:

  • Content Services installed.
  • Process Services installed.
  • Content Services and Process Services using a common LDAP database to sync users from.

Note: If Content Services and Process Services do not sync their uses against a single LDAP database then an APS action will never work. See configure LDAP for Content Services and configure LDAP for Process Services for information on configuring LDAP.

Install the AMP

To install the APS action AMP:

  1. Visit the Support Portal and download the APS action zip bundle.

  2. Unzip the bundle and place the aps-action-share-7.0.0.amp to the Content Services amps_share directory.

  3. Run the apply_amps.bat file from the bin directory to install the AMP.

  4. Check the output from the .bat file to ensure the installation was successful.

  5. Restart the Content Services server.

Configure the repository in Process Services

To configure the repository in Process Services:

  1. Sign into Process Services as an administrator.

  2. Open up the Identity Management section and select Tenants > Alfresco Repositories.

  3. Create a repository connection:

    Field Description
    Name Required. A name for the repository connection.
    Alfresco tenant Optional. The tenant to use for the connection. The default value is -default-.
    Repository base URL Required. The base URL of Content Services, for example
    Share base URL Required. The base URL of Share, for example
    Alfresco version Required. The version of Content Services used. This must initially be configured as 5.2, even if using a later version of Content Services. The settings can be subsequently edited if using Process Services 1.11 or later with the Identity Service.
    Authentication Required. The authentication method to use. Select Enable Share Connector checkbox.
    Secret Required. The common secret used for communication between Content Services and Process Services. The default value us activiti-share-connector-secret. This must match the property activiti.secret set in Content Services.
  4. Save the connection.

  5. Inspect the connection in the list. If the ID is 1 and the default values do not need to be updated then this step is complete. If the ID is not set to 1 then stop Content Services and Process Services and update the following two files with the ID showing in the repository list:

    • In tomcat/shared/classes/ in Content Services add a line for activiti.alfrescoRepositoryName=alfresco-<ID> where <ID> was the ID displayed in Process Services, for example alfresco-1002.
    • In tomcat/lib/ in Process Services update the property integration.login.alfresco-1.secret where 1 is replaced with the ID displayed in Process Services, for example integration.login.alfresco-1002.secret.

Enable review process app

To enable the bundled Review Processes app in Process Services, add the following into the <InstallLocation\>/lib/ and restart Process ServicesL

Configure Content Services properties

Content Services needs properties set in the tomcat/shared/classes/ file that point to the Process Services installation and enable the use of APS actions:

Property Description
activiti.domain The domain that Process Services is running on, for example
activiti.baseUrl The base URL of the Process Services installation.
activiti.secret The common secret Content Services and Process Services use for communication. The default value is activiti-share-connector-secret. This value must match the Secret value set in Process Services when configuring a repository connection.
activitiRepoConnector.enabled Set this to true to enable the use of APS actions.

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