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Transformation server overview

The Alfresco Transformation Server is a stable, fast, and scalable solution for high-quality transformations of Microsoft Office documents. It is an enterprise-scale and enterprise quality alternative for OpenOffice.
The server features an open architecture, and it offers the following features:
High quality
The Alfresco Transformation Server uses genuine Microsoft Office software to transform MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents to PDF and SWF. This guarantees the handling of all Office files and pixel-perfect transformations, and it corrects previous layout issues in the Share preview feature.
The Alfresco Transformation Server communicates with Alfresco using an HTTP REST API, which means that you can scale up by adding multiple instances of the server and connecting them through a standard HTTP Network Load Balancer.
If Microsoft Office can open and transform your document, then so can the Alfresco Transformation Server. Robust error handling will take care of corrupt and encrypted documents. A Web Console shows you a detailed report if there is a problem during transformation, allowing you to correct documents.
The Alfresco Transformation Server is two to three times faster when transforming multi-megabyte Office documents when compared with OpenOffice on the same hardware.
Extensible format support
The Alfresco Transformation Server supports the transformation of MS Office formats.