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Alfresco setup wizards

The setup wizards include the full Alfresco install with DM, Explorer, Share, WCM, JDK, OpenOffice, and SharePoint Protocol Support functionality, Records Management, Web Editor, Web Quick Start, and Quickr Connector Support. Use this file if no Alfresco component is installed on your system.

Description File name
Setup wizard for Windows

alfresco-enterprise-3.4.14-installer-win-x32.exe (32 bit)

alfresco-enterprise-3.4.14-installer-win-x64.exe (64 bit)

There are two versions of the Alfresco setup wizard for Windows: one for 32-bit systems, and the other for 64-bit systems. The 32-bit setup wizard is not suitable for use on 64-bit environments.

Setup wizard for Linux

alfresco-enterprise-3.4.14-installer-linux-x64.bin (64 bit)

The Alfresco setup wizard for Linux systems is for 64-bit systems. It is not suitable for use on 32-bit environments.

Note: The Linux executable files are graphical installers, but you can also run these files to install Alfresco using text mode. Text mode is a keyboard-based installation method. Run the command with the --mode text option.