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Changing the OpenOffice subsystem

The default subsystem for OpenOffice transformations is OOoDirect. You can change the preferred OpenOffice subsystem to OOoJodconverter.
The JodConverter requires 3.0.0 or later and recommends 3.1.0+.
There are two methods that you can use to change OpenOffice subsystem.
  • Modifying the file
  • Runtime administration using your JMX client

Global properties file

  1. Open the file.
  2. Uncomment the following lines:

  3. Save the file.
  4. Restart the Alfresco server.

JMX interface runtime administration

  1. Open your JMX client, for example, JConsole.
  2. Locate the OOoDirect subsystem.
  3. Edit the ooo.enabled value to false.
  4. Restart the subsystem.
  5. Locate the OOoJodconverter subsystem.
  6. Edit the jodconverter.enabled value to true.
  7. Restart the subsystem.
Note: Although it is possible to run both subsystems, Alfresco recommends that you enable only one at a time.