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Enabling Google Docs with Alfresco (Lucene enabled) deployed on WebLogic

This section describes how to enable Google Docs for Alfresco, deployed within WebLogic and using the Lucene search engine.
To enable Google Docs on Alfresco running on WebLogic and using Lucene as the search engine, you need to add Google certificates manually using the keytool Java utility.
  1. Export the certificate certificate from Google account authorization.

    In Internet Explorer 8:

    1. In Internet Explorer, select Run as administrator.

      This allows you to export a certificate.

    2. Go to Google account authorization.
    3. Click the padlock icon (to the right of the address bar), and then click View certificates.
    4. On the Details tab, click Copy to File.
    5. Select DER encoded binary X.509 (.cer) and specify a path.

    In Firefox:

    1. Go to Google account authorization.
    2. Click the padlock icon on the address bar, and then click More Information. You can also click Tools > Page Info > Security.
    3. In the Website Identity section, click View Certificate.
    4. On the Details tab, click Export.
    5. Select X.509 Certificate (DER) and select a local path and specify a file name .
  2. Use the keytool Java utility to import this certificate and add it to your truststore.

    keytool.exe -import -file -keystore ssl.truststore -storetype JCEKS -alias
  3. Add the certificate to your truststore using the keytool utility.

    keytool.exe -import -file -keystore ssl.truststore -storetype JCEKS -alias
  4. Restart the server.