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Share Extensibility

With Alfresco, Version 4.0, there are new extensibility features that provide a number of different ways to make configuration and customization easier.   

The primary goals for these features are:

  • Extend Share without deep knowledge of how Share is built
  • Ensure that the solution is compatible with previous Alfresco releases
  • Provide the ability to easily extend Share without copying and pasting code
  • Easier deployment through simple JAR deployment
As a result, with Version 4.0, the solution compromises the following:
  • Two distinct approaches to extension:
    • Customization by targeting existing files
    • Customization through Component configuration
  • Creation of an in-memory output model:
    • Provides opportunity to amend the default output
    • Each FreeMarker template gets an output model
    • Models can be nested
  • Introduction of Sub-Components:
    • Solves the 1-1 Region to Component mapping challenge