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Activities feed email notifications list

The full list of individual events generated by Alfresco is defined in the share\WEB-INF\classes\alfresco\site-webscripts\org\alfresco\components\dashlets\ file.

The email description is generated using the following format, for example, for a newly created blog post:{1} created blog post {0}

  • 0 = Item title / page link
  • 1 = User profile link
  • 2 = custom0
  • 3 = custom1
  • 4 = Site link
  • 5 = second user profile link

The following table shows the list of activities that trigger an email notification.

Activity Email description
Create a blog post{1} created blog post {0}
Update a blog post{1} updated blog post {0}
Delete a blog post{1} deleted blog post {0}
Write a comment org.alfresco.comments.comment-created={1} commented on {0}
Update a comment org.alfresco.comments.comment-updated={1} updated comment on {0}
Delete a comment org.alfresco.comments.comment-deleted={1} deleted a comment from {0}
Start a discussion{1} started discussion {0}
Update a discussion{1} updated discussion {0}
Delete a discussion{1} deleted discussion {0}
Reply to a discussion org.alfresco.discussions.reply-created={1} replied to the discussion {0}
Update a reply org.alfresco.discussions.reply-updated={1} updated a reply to {0}
Create a calendar event org.alfresco.calendar.event-created={1} created calendar event {0}
Update a calendar event org.alfresco.calendar.event-updated={1} updated calendar event {0}
Delete a calendar event org.alfresco.calendar.event-deleted={1} deleted calendar event {0}
Add a document org.alfresco.documentlibrary.file-added={1} added document {0}
Add multiple documents (showing the number of documents) org.alfresco.documentlibrary.files-added={1} added {0} documents
Create a document org.alfresco.documentlibrary.file-created={1} created document {0}
Delete a document org.alfresco.documentlibrary.file-deleted={1} deleted {0}
Delete multiple documents org.alfresco.documentlibrary.files-deleted={1} deleted {0} documents
Update a document org.alfresco.documentlibrary.file-updated={1} updated document {0}
Update multiple documents org.alfresco.documentlibrary.files-updated={1} updated {0} documents
Checkout a document to Google Docs{1} checked out document {0} to Google Docs
Checkin a document from Google Docs{1} checked in document {0} from Google Docs
Edit documents org.alfresco.documentlibrary.inline-edit={1} edited document {0}
Like a document org.alfresco.documentlibrary.file-liked={1} liked document {0}
Like a folder org.alfresco.documentlibrary.folder-liked={1} liked folder {0}
Create a wiki page{1} created wiki page {0}
Update a wiki page{1} updated wiki page {0}
Rename a wiki page{1} renamed wiki page from {2} to {0}
Delete a wiki page{1} deleted wiki page {0}
Add a group to a site with a particular role{1} group added to site {4} with role {2}
Remove a group from a site{1} group removed from site {4}
Change a group role{1} group role changed to {2}
Join a site with a particular role{1} joined site {4} with role {2}
User left a site{1} left site {4}
User role changed to a particular role{1} role changed to {2}
Like a site{1} liked site {0}
Create a link{1} created link {0}
Update a link{1} updated link {0}
Delete a link{1} deleted link {0}
Create a data list org.alfresco.datalists.list-created={1} created data list {0}
Update a data list org.alfresco.datalists.list-updated={1} updated data list {0}
Delete a data list org.alfresco.datalists.list-deleted={1} deleted data list {0}
User following another user org.alfresco.subscriptions.followed={1} is now following {5}
User subscribed org.alfresco.subscriptions.subscribed={1} has subscribed to {2}
Change profile org.alfresco.profile.status-changed={1}: {2}