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Getting Started with Alfresco Explorer Document Management

The Getting Started with Alfresco Document Management Guide is a tutorial that walks you through the basic concepts of the Alfresco Document Management System.

This Getting Started guide will:

  • Introduce the basic concepts of the Alfresco Document Management solution. It accompanies the download of the system available at: (after logging in, click Online Resources on the menu bar and then Downloads).

  • Demonstrate how to set up and configure Alfresco for managing your documents.

  • Showcase a Smart Space, which is a collaborative space that uses rules to simplify the handling, management, and transformation of content.

  • Show how to use additional properties and categories to organize and find content.

It is recommended that you download the Alfresco Enterprise 4.0.2 release and walk through this guided product evaluation guide to familiarize yourself with the Document Management features of Alfresco’s DM platform offering.