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Localizing models

Every type, aspect, property, association, constraint, and data type defined within a model has a title and description. Both of these values are provided in the model XML file but only one language may be supported: the language of the values specified in the XML file.

To support localization of a model, you can augment the model XML values with locale-specific values by registering a standard Java resource bundle for each language variant of a model.

Localizing content-model values is often required to render user interfaces that are driven from the content model, such as a property sheet that displays a grid of property name and value.

The content models provided out of the box are all augmented with a default (for US English) Java resource bundle. The following is an extract from the resource bundle for the ECM domain model:

cm_contentmodel.description=Alfresco Content Domain Model
cm_contentmodel.type.cm_object.description=Base Content Domain Object

Resource bundles are composed of many key/value pairs. For content models, the keys are structured as follows:



<model_prefix>_<model_name>.<feature>.<feature_prefix>_<feature_name>. [title|description]


  • model_prefix is the model namespace prefix.
  • model_name is the model name.
  • feature is one of type, aspect, property, association, constraint, or data type.
  • feature_prefix is the namespace prefix of the feature definition name.
  • feature_name is the feature definition name.

Registering content model resource bundles

Content model resource bundles must be registered with their associated content model. There are two approaches to register a content model: bootstrap and dynamic. The same applies for content model resource bundles.


The Dictionary Bootstrap component supports the additional labels property, which allows for a list of resource bundle files (located in the classpath) to be specified. You must restart the Alfresco content repository to register the resource bundle.

<bean id="kbmodel.extension.dictionaryBootstrap" parent="dictionaryModelBootstrap"
<property name="labels">


In the dynamic approach, place the resource bundle file into the content repository folder:

Company Home/Data Dictionary/Messages

Alfresco Explorer is the best tool for uploading and editing resource bundles in this folder.