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Getting Started with Alfresco Share Collaboration

In today’s workplace, individuals spend most of their time working on teams. To collaborate effectively, they need tools to facilitate communication, share information, and run projects. Alfresco Share provides these tools.

The Getting Started with Alfresco Share Collaboration tutorial introduces the basic concepts to accompany the download of Alfresco Share. It takes you through a scenario to demonstrate the flexibility Alfresco Share provides for working in a collaborative team environment.

Alfresco recommends you walk through this guided tutorial to familiarize yourself with the features.

Note: Microsoft Office 2010 onwards doesn't include a Document Management panel for working with the Alfresco repository from Microsoft Office, but you can still use the online editing feature in Alfresco. You can reopen documents stored in Alfresco by clicking File then Recent in a Microsoft Office program and selecting the document.