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Index tab

The Index tab defines the Alfresco document type used for released documents, and the mappings between Kofax index fields and Alfresco properties.
Index tab

Each row defines the mapping between an Alfresco property and a Kofax indexing field. The Content Type and Alfresco Fields values available can be controlled through configuration.

Content Type
The Alfresco content type that will be used for documents created by the Release script. It can be a custom content type or content.
Alfresco Fields
Use the drop-down list to pick Alfresco properties based on the available types and aspects that will be populated with Kofax Capture index data.
Kofax Fields
Use the drop-down list to pick the Kofax Capture field to map to the Alfresco property. The Text Constant field can provide a fixed text value for the field.
Important: You must define an Alfresco Name field and an Alfresco Content field, as shown in the previous figure. The Content field is used to store the image file, such as Image (TIF), PDF, or Text (OCR).