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Disposition schedule rules

This section describes the restrictions on how you can use disposition schedules.

The following rules relate to the disposition schedules:

  • Disposition occurs at either the folder or record level because some disposition schedules do not naturally lend themselves to disposition at the folder level.
  • The records manager specifies whether the disposition actions will occur at the folder or record level for a particular disposition schedule. This is a property on the record category and is set during the creation of the disposition schedule.
  • All actions in a disposition schedule occur at the folder level, if specified that way. For example, the Transfer action packages up the whole folder.
  • When a folder is cut off, it is automatically closed; however, folders can be closed without being cut off.
  • Even when a particular schedule is being managed at the record level, the record folder can still be cut off as a convenience method. This will cut off all the individual records, regardless of their eligibility in relation to the disposition schedule.
  • If disposition is being managed at a record level, other actions are not available at the folder level.
  • The system will gracefully deal with situations where a record is multi-filed in different record categories, which may have disposal schedules managed at different levels.