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Records Management search query syntax

The syntax for Alfresco Records Management queries is based on the fts-alfresco Full Text Search (FTS) language, which is based on elements from the Lucene and SQL languages.

The FTS queries can be very simple, using a text string, but the language also supports complex queries with multiple matches, tokens, phrases, wildcards, ranges, and grouping. The syntax follows the format:



<field-name> is the field within the Alfresco Records Management repository. For example, identifier is the field name for the unique Record identifier.

: (colon) is the separator

<search-value> is the value that you wish to match. Ensure that there is no space between the colon separator and the value.

The Alfresco Records Management model provides a large number of fields against which to search. The search query requires that you enter the internal name of these fields in the text box. The Insert Field menu list assists you when entering the fields.

To search for phrases, wrap the value string in "quotes". You can also use the wildcard matching characters, question mark (?) for a single character, and asterisk (*) for zero or more characters to apply to any text value.