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Using the new content store

The new content store is set using the cm:storeName property.

The cm:storeName property can be set in number of ways:

  • Manually, by exposing this property so its value can be set by either Explorer or Share
  • Running a script action that sets the cm:storeName property value within the script
  • Using a rule that runs a script action to set the property

The expected behavior is as follows:

  • When the cm:storeSelector aspect is not present or is removed, the content is copied to a new location in the 'default' store
  • When the cm:storeSelector aspect is added or changed, the content is copied to the named store
  • Under normal circumstances, a trail of content will be left in the stores, just as it would be if the content were being modified. The normal processes to clean up the orphaned content will be followed.