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Starting the standalone deployment engine

The standalone deployment engine is implemented as a set of Java libraries and is multi-platform.
Bourne shell scripts are provided for UNIX and Windows batch files are provided for Windows.
  • (Windows) To start the standalone deployment engine:
    • Open a command prompt, and run the deploy_start script, or
    • Select Start Menu > All Programs > Alfresco Standalone Deployment Receiver > Start Alfresco Standalone Deployment Receiver.

    The Start menu action is available if you have used the deployment installer to install the Standalone Deployment Engine. This action is calling the deploy_start.bat script.

    It is also possible to install the standalone deployment engine as a Windows service, which can automatically start when Windows starts.

  • (Linux) To start the standalone deployment engine, open a command prompt and run the script.

    Note: The default shell for this script is sh. You can edit the file to change to your preferred shell. For example, change the #!/bin/sh line to #!/bin/bash.
When deploying to a deployment engine running on a multi-NIC system, it may be necessary to bind the RMI registry to a particular IP address. To do this, add the following to the Java command in or deploy_start.bat:

Where x.x.x.x is the IP address assigned to the NIC to which you want to bind.