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Creating a new replication job

You can create any number of replication jobs to suit your needs.
  1. On the toolbar, expand the More menu and click Replication Jobs in the Tools list.
  2. In the Jobs section, click Create Job.

    The Create New Replication Job page appears. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

  3. Complete the form.
    1. Provide a name and description for the job.

      Only the job name is required.

    2. Select the payload.

      In the Payload section, click Select. Navigate the repository and click Add to the right of each branch of the repository that you want to include in the payload; this is the content that will be replicated (copied) when the job is run. Click OK.

    3. Specify the transfer target.

      In the Transfer Target section, click Select. Navigate the Transfer Target Groups and click Select to the right of the desired target. Click OK.

      Note: Out of the box, one target group, default group, is available. Use the Repository Browser to create additional target groups (Data Dictionary > Transfers > Transfer Target Group). A rule defined on the Transfer Target Groups folder specializes the type of any folder created within it.
    4. Schedule the replication job.

      Select the Schedule job check box, then enter the date and time the job is to run. Specify the repeat period for this job.

    5. Enable the job.

      Select the Enabled check box.

      Note: You must enable a replication job for it to be run.
  4. Click Create Job.

    The job created appears highlighted in the Jobs list. The job details appear on the right side of the page.