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Viewing replication job reports

Two reports—local and remote—are available for each replication job run successfully.
The local report is the transfer report from the sending system, which manages the content being transferred to the receiving system. The local report details the speed at which the files were transferred and other related details.

The remote report is the transfer report from the receiving system. This report indicates whether files were created, updated, modified, or deleted as part of the transfer.

  1. On the toolbar, expand the More menu and click Replication Jobs in the Tools list.
  2. In the Jobs section, click the job you want to view.

    The job appears highlighted in the list and its details appear on the right side of the page.

  3. Select the desired report:
    • Click View Local Report.
    • Click View Remote Report.

    The selected report displays on the details page of the Repository Document Library.