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Browsing the user groups

The Groups page contains a multi-paned panel that lets you navigate the hierarchy of user groups.
  1. Open the Admin Console, and then click Groups.
  2. On the Groups page, click Browse.

    The leftmost pane displays all top-level user groups.

  3. To view all groups, including the system groups, select the Show System Groups checkbox, and then click Browse.

    System groups are created in the background, for example, when you create a site. You can show these groups so that you can edit the Display Name, add users, or delete the group.

  4. Click a group to display its contents in the panel directly to the right.

    The content can be subgroups and/or individual users. Text at the bottom of this panel indicates the number of groups and users that belong to the selected group.

  5. As you browse the group structure, a navigation path is displayed at the top of the panel indicating your selections stemming from the initial pane. Click any link in this path to step back to that selection.
  6. To browse a different group, click the first link in the navigation path to return to the top-level groups, then select a new group to browse.