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Changing the logo

The Alfresco logo on the top left is at the top left-side of Share. You can change the logo to another image file.
  1. Open the Admin Console, and then click Application.
  2. On the Options page, click Upload.

    You'll see the Upload File window.

  3. Click the icon to browse for a file to upload.
  4. Choose a file and click Open.

    You can choose to upload any image you like but there are some recommendations for suitable sizes for the image. The maximum recommended image height for your image file is 48 pixels.

    The file you chose shows in the Upload File window. If it's not the right file, you can click Remove to start again.

  5. Click Upload File(s).
  6. When you see that the file is successfully uploaded, click OK.
  7. Click Apply.

    The newly uploaded file now becomes the logo for Alfresco.

  8. If you wish to change the logo back to the default Alfresco logo, click Reset to display the original logo, and then click Apply.