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Editing a user account

Edit a user account to change a user's personal information, group affiliation, quota, and password.
  1. Open the Admin Console, and then click Users.

    You'll see the User Search page.

  2. Search for a user, and then select the user.
  3. On the User Profile page, click Edit User.

    The Edit User page appears.

  4. Edit the user's personal details as necessary: First Name and Email.
  5. Edit the groups to which this user belongs:
    1. To add a user to a group, use the search field provided to locate a group. Click Add to the right of each group you want the user to be a part of. The groups the user belongs to display beneath the Groups list.
    2. To remove a user from a group, simply click the group you want to remove beneath the Groups list.
  6. Provide or edit the Quota, which indicates the maximum space available for this user. Select the appropriate unit.
  7. Change the password, if necessary.
  8. Click Use Default to reset the user's picture to the default image.
  9. Click Save Changes.