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Testing the Centera connection

The JCASScript tool is provided with the EMC Centera® SDK and Community Tools.
Use the JCASScript tool to connect to the XAM server using the centera.url property that you specified in the file.
  1. Start the JCASScript tool using the following command:

    java -jar JCASScript.jar
  2. Enter the following command to connect to the XAM server:


    An example of the output is as follows:

    Attempting to connect to:
    Connected to:
    CASPool Properties:
       Connection String:       
      Cluster Time:                      2014.01.10 06:25:31 GMT
      Buffer Size:                       16384
      Prefetch Buffer Size:              32768
      Connection Timeout:                120000
      Multi-Cluster Failover Enabled:    True
      Collision Avoidance Enabled:       False