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Controlling search results in Share

This topic provides instructions on controlling the maximum number of items that a Share search returns.
By default, the Share search returns a maximum of 250 search results. If you want the search to return more than 250 entries, complete the following steps.
  1. Ensure that the <web-extension>\share-config-custom.xml file exists. If the file does not exist:
    1. Locate the following .sample configuration override file:


    2. Copy and rename the file to:


  2. Copy the <config evaluator="string-compare" condition="Search" replace="true"> section from the <configRoot>\classes\alfresco\share-config.xml file.
  3. Paste the copied section into the <web-extension>\share-config-custom.xml file.
  4. In the <web-extension>\share-config-custom.xml file, edit the value for the <max-search-results> property to reflect the number of search results you want Share to return.
  5. For the changes to take effect, refresh the Alfresco web scripts. To refresh the web scripts:
    1. Navigate to the Alfresco web scripts Home page.

      For example, go to: http://<your-host>:8080/share/page/index.

    2. Click on Refresh Web Scripts.

      You have now refreshed the web scripts and set a limit to the number of items a search in Share returns.

  6. Test the search configuration.
    1. Browse to the location of your Alfresco installation.

      For example, http://<your-host>:8080/share.

    2. Search for folders or documents in the Share repository.

    Notice that the number of search items returned is not more than what you specified in the <web-extension>\share-config-custom.xml file.

    Note: Custom searches and searches from the node browser use the solr.query.maximumResultsFromUnlimitedQuery property to control search results. For more information, see Solr core configuration properties.