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Removing the Alfresco Kofax Release script

The following steps describe how to remove the Alfresco Kofax Release script from your Kofax installation.
  1. Start the Kofax Capture Administration module.
  2. Remove the Alfresco Kofax Release script from any document classes using the script:
    1. Right-click the applicable document class. (Expand the batch class item to select associated document classes.)
    2. From the Context menu, select Release Scripts.
    3. From the Release Scripts dialog box, select the Alfresco Kofax Release Script from the list of Assigned Release Scripts, and click Remove.
  3. Repeat step 2 for all document classes using the Alfresco Kofax Release script.
  4. In the Kofax Administration module, click Tools > Release Script Manager.
  5. Select Alfresco Kofax Release Script, and click Remove.
  6. To remove the installation files, manually delete the following files from your Kofax Capture bin directory.

    • Alfresco.Kofax.Release.Core.dll
    • Alfresco.Kofax.Release.Core.Logging.xml
    • Alfresco.Kofax.Release.Core.xml
    • Alfresco.Kofax.Release.inf
    • Alfresco.Kofax.Release.WebScripts.dll
    • Antlr.runtime.dll
    • Common.Logging.dll
    • Jayrock.Json.dll
    • log4net.dll
    • Spring.Core.dll