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Viewing and managing the invited users

The Manage Pending Invites page lets the site manager view the site invitations that users haven't responded to yet. An invitation can be revoked at any time until the recipient accepts it and becomes a site member.
This task assumes you are in the Members component of the desired site.
  1. Click Pending Invites beneath the banner if this page is not already displayed.

    This page displays a list of all users who have been invited to join the current site.

  2. In the Filter box type the full or partial name of the invited user you want to locate.

    Tip: Leave this box empty to display a list of all members with pending invites.
  3. Click Search.

    The page displays the users matching the search criteria entered who have been invited to join the site.

  4. Click Cancel to the right of the user whose invitation you wish to revoke.

    The invitation is cancelled and the user is removed from the list.