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Editing a list of values

Use the Edit feature to add and delete values for a list. You can also control the user and group access to the values in the list.
This task assumes that you are on the Lists page of the Records Management Console.
  1. Locate the list you want to modify, and then click Edit.

    The Edit List page displays.

  2. To add values to the list:
    1. In the empty field at the top of the page, type the new value.
    2. Click Add.

      The value name displays in the Values table.

  3. To delete values from the list:
    1. In the Values table, locate the entry you want to remove.
    2. Click Delete.

      A message prompts you to confirm the deletion.

    3. Click Yes.

      The value name is removed from the table.

  4. To control the user and group access to the individual values in the list:
    1. In the Values table, click the value you want to set access for.

      The selected value is highlighted.

    2. On the right side of the page, click Add.

      The Add Access dialog box displays.

    3. In the search field, type the full or partial name of a user or group.

      You must enter at least three (3) characters.

    4. Click Search.

      A list of users and groups matching the search criteria displays.

    5. Click Add to the right of the user or group you want to have access to the selected value.

      The user or group displays in the right column. You can add as many users and groups as required.

  5. When you have finished editing the values and access, click Done to save all changes.