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Editing record metadata

Before you can declare a record, you must enter details about the record in the metadata. The metadata is extracted and required when the document is filed.
  1. Navigate to an undeclared record in the File Plan.
  2. Click Edit Metadata.

    The Edit Metadata page displays. The metadata fields you see on this page depend on the file type, and whether or not record types have been associated with the file. The metadata is divided into sections, which are organized by record type. Every file includes the Record section, which is a default set of basic metadata fields.

  3. Enter the record metadata. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

    The following table describes the default Record metadata fields.

    Publication date* Specifies the date that the record is published. Select the date from the calendar selection box.
    Originator* The person or department in the Originating Organization.
    Originating Organization* This is who originally created the document/record. Often this will be the organization running the software, but in some cases may be an external organization.
    Media Type Specifies the general media type. For example, audio, video, or document
    Format Specifies on which media the record is stored. For example, electronic or physical file
    Date received The date that the record was received from the originator.
    Addressee The email address of the originating organization to be used for correspondence.
    Other Addressee The secondary recipients of the message (CC).
    Location This is the location of the record, really only applicable for non-electronic records. For example, “Box 27661, Shelf D1, Deep Store Archive”
    Supplemental Marking List This list is defined in the List of Values tool in the Management Console.

    You can't save this page until you complete the mandatory fields in each metadata section.

  4. Click Save.