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Managing records

Records can be managed by users with the appropriate capability permissions.
  1. Navigate to the File Plan and select a record.
  2. In the items list, position the cursor over the record of interest to display the available actions. The following actions are available:

    Action Select this to...
    Download Download the file to your computer.
    Edit Metadata Edit the metadata for the record.
    Declare as Record Declare the file as a record. All required metadata fields must be complete. When you declare the file as a record, this action toggles to the Undeclare Record action.
    Undeclare Record Revert the uploaded item back to an undeclared record. The item will no longer be part of the Records Management system.
    Add Record Metadata Associate an undeclared record with one or more record types.
    Freeze Freeze a record. This adds it to the Holds space. When you freeze the record, this action toggles to the Unfreeze action.
    Copy to Create a copy of the record in another location in the File Plan.
    Move to Move the record to another location in the File Plan.
    File to File a record in multiple locations in the File Plan and create a link.
    Delete Delete the record from the File Plan.
    View Audit Log View the auditing information for this record. The Audit Log displays the activity information in a new window and provides the facility to export or file this information as a record.

    When the record is frozen, a limited set of actions is available.