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Tagging site content

You can use tags to categorize similar or related content within a site. This enables you to easily locate the content again.
You can associate a tag with any of the following types of content:
  • library items
  • library folders
  • wiki pages
  • blog posts
  • discussion topics
  • calendar events
  • site links

Tagging can be done when you create content; you can also edit a piece of content to add or remove tags. You have the option of creating your own tags or selecting from a list of tags already used in the current site.

In the site library you can manage tags in the item list or by editing the content properties. In all the other components you manage tags in the Tags section when creating or editing content, as follows:

Add a new tag
Type a tag in the field provided and then click Add (or press ENTER). To create several tags at once, separate each tag with a space. To add a multi-word tag, place it within quotation marks (for example, "draft material").
Add an existing tag
Click Choose from popular tags in this site to display the tags already used in the current site. Click a tag in this list to associate it with the content.
Remove a tag
In the list of associated tags, click an existing tag to remove it.
Note: Data lists do not currently support tagging.