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Content store selector configuration example

The following example defines two file stores, in addition to the standard default file store. By setting the cm:storeName property to either of these new stores or the default store, the content is automatically moved from its existing store to the relevant new store.

A summary of the procedure is as follows:

  1. Create a file called sample-content-store-selector-context.xml in the extension directory.
  2. Define two new file stores.
  3. Declare a storeSelectorContentStore to be the system's primary content store.
  4. Declare the mapping between the store name and store instances.
  5. Add the extra stores to the list to be handled by the eagerContentStoreCleaner.
  1. Open the sample-content-store-selector-context.xml file.
  2. Define the new file stores by adding the following bean definitions:

    <bean id="firstSharedFileContentStore" class="org.alfresco.repo.content.filestore.FileContentStore">
    <bean id="secondSharedFileContentStore" class="org.alfresco.repo.content.filestore.FileContentStore">

    This configuration snippet defines two new stores. The physical location is relative to the dir.root property defined in the file.

  3. Declare the storeSelectorContentStore to be the primary content store by adding the following bean definition:

    <bean id="contentService" parent="baseContentService">
       <property name="store">
           <ref bean="storeSelectorContentStore" />
  4. Declare the mapping between store names and store instances.

    <bean id="storeSelectorContentStore" parent="storeSelectorContentStoreBase">
           <property name="defaultStoreName">
           <property name="storesByName">
                   <entry key="default">
                       <ref bean="fileContentStore" />
                   <entry key="storeA">
                       <ref bean="firstSharedFileContentStore" />
                   <entry key="storeB">
                       <ref bean="secondSharedFileContentStore" />

    The list of stores is defined by the <property name="storesByName"> property. Any stores you want to be available to the storeSelectorContentStore should be listed under this property.