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Browsing the wiki pages

The browsing feature in the wiki lets you filter the wiki pages so you can easily locate specific content.
This task assumes you are in the wiki of the desired site.

The wiki page list displays all wiki pages in the current site organized chronologically. The most recent page appears at the top of the list.

The browsing pane on the left site of the page lets you display a subset of the wiki content by selecting a specific view or a tag. Whether you are browsing by view or tag, the wiki list displays a summary of the pages matching the selected option. The summary includes:

  • the wiki page name
  • the user who created the page
  • the date and time the page was created
  • the user who last modified the page
  • the date and time the page was last modified
  • a sample of the content
  • the tags associated with the page

The Pages list in the browsing pane provides the following views:

Recently Modified
Displays the pages modified in the past seven days
Displays all pages created in the wiki for the current site
Recently Added
Displays the pages created in the past seven days
My Pages
Displays the pages created by the currently logged in user

The Tags list displays the tags currently associated with one or more wiki pages. The number following the tag tells you how many wiki pages are associated with the tag.

To browse the wiki pages:
  1. Click Wiki Page List on the page view to navigate to the wiki list if it is not already displayed.
  2. Select an option in the browsing pane:
    • In the Pages list click a view to display all pages in the current site that correspond to that selection.
    • In the Tags list click the tag you're interested in to display all pages in the current site associated with that tag.
  3. In the wiki list, click a wiki page title to display that full page.
The selected wiki page appears in the page view.