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Creating a new wiki page

You can create a new wiki page from both the wiki list and the page view.
This task assumes you are in the wiki of the desired site.
A simple editing box lets you to easily create and format your wiki content.
  1. Click New Page.

    The Create Wiki Page page appears.

  2. Type a Title for the page.

    The Title does not support the following special characters: * " < > \ / . ? : and |. When the title contains a disallowed character the Save button is disabled.

    Note: There is an exception regarding the period: the title can include a period as long as it is not the last character.
  3. Type the wiki page content in the Text box.

    Use the features provided to format the text; insert bulleted and numbered lists; change the font color; and insert or edit links, anchors, and images. To assist with editing, use the undo, redo, and remove formatting features as needed. Additional functionality includes the ability to insert and customize tables; insert the current date and time; and view the editor in fullscreen mode. The text box includes other features you might find useful; position the cursor over an icon to display its function.

    The Insert Image Library feature displays a list of images in the site library. Click a thumbnail in this list to insert the related image into the wiki page at the current cursor position.

    The Insert Document Link feature enables you to insert a link to any piece of content in library of the site you are in. Navigate the library to locate the item you want to link to, then click Add. You can select any number of items. Click OK to insert links to the selected items at the current cursor position.

    Click and drag the bottom right corner to resize the text editor.

    To create a link to another wiki page, type [[Page Name]]. If the page indicated does not exist, it is automatically created for you. Note that this creates an empty wiki page. It will not appear in the wiki list until you provide content for it.

  4. Optionally, add existing or create new tags for the wiki page.

    The newly associated tags appear beneath the Text box. Click a tag to remove it.

  5. Click Save.

    The new wiki page appears as users will see it.

  6. Click Wiki Page List to return to the wiki list.