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Viewing the wiki page details

View wiki page details to see the version history, view the tags associated with the page, and list the wiki pages that link to the selected page. You can view the page details from both the wiki list and the page view. On this page, you can view previous versions of the page and even revert to a specific version.
This task assumes you are in the wiki of the desired site.
  1. In the wiki list locate the wiki page whose details you want to view.
  2. Click Details for that page.

    If the wiki page you want to view is already open in the page view, simply click Details on that page.

    The page view displays the wiki page content in expanded form to include the Version History, Tags, and Linked Pages. From here you can click Edit Page to make changes.

  3. Work with the Version History as follows:
    • Select a previous version of the page from the View version menu to display an earlier version of the selected page.
    • Review the Earlier version(s) list beneath the content box to view the details of earlier versions. Click the version number to show and hide the details.
    • Click Revert for an earlier version to update the current page with the content from the selected version.
  4. Click View Page to return to the page view.

    The wiki page displays in the page view.