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Controlling indexes

This section provides instructions on how to index content using the cm:indexControl aspect.
You can use the cm:indexControl aspect to set up indexes in Alfresco Share. The cm:indexControl aspect enables you to control indexes for the control items. The aspect exposes the following two properties to allow configuration of indexing of nodes to which it is applied.
  • cm:isIndexed ((content + metadata)): This property controls whether the node is indexed or not.
  • cm:isContentIndexed: This property controls whether the node content (binary) is indexed or not. Setting this to false inhibits full text indexing of the document binary.

The following table shows the possible combinations of settings along with the behaviour for each case:

cm:isIndexed cm:isContentIndexed Result
True True Metadata is indexed. Content is indexed.
True False Metadata is indexed. Content is not indexed.
False True No indexing at all.
False False No indexing at all.

Using this aspect you can choose to disable repository-wide indexing. This can prove useful in situations, such as bulk loading.

For more information on working with aspects, see Managing aspects.