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Managing user groups

User groups enable you to organize your Alfresco users.

Groups allow you to quickly and easily give all members of a group abilities in a space that are specific to that group. Once you create a group, you manage its membership by inviting and removing users.

By default, all users are members of the group called Everyone with guest abilities. Users can belong to more than one group.

To assist with the management of the Alfresco administrative users, a default group, ALFRESCO_ADMINISTRATORS, has been created for you. This group enables you to easily configure the permissions for all Alfresco administrators. The initial administrator (the default "admin" user) can create additional administrative users by adding users to this group.

When a web project is created and users are invited to that project, a user group is created automatically in the Administration Console for the project. However, web project membership must be managed within the web project and not within the Administration Console.

The Groups Management page header provides functionality to toggle between the Groups view and the Details view. To aid navigation, a breadcrumb showing the groups hierarchy appears above the Groups list. Click the links in this breadcrumb to navigate the groups hierarchy.