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Getting Started with Alfresco

For most of us, today's work environment means we spend much of our time working in teams that can extend beyond our workplace, and even our enterprise, to include partners, consultants, external agencies, and customers. To collaborate effectively, you need tools to facilitate communication, share information, and run projects. Alfresco provides these tools.

This tutorial introduces you to the basic concepts of Alfresco, taking you through a scenario to demonstrate the flexibility Alfresco provides for working in a collaborative team environment.

In the tutorial you'll learn how to:

  • Personalize Alfresco with your own dashboard and user profile
  • Build a collaboration site for your team
  • Work with content and add it to your site
  • Be social! - invite users to your site, set up meetings and use social media-style features
  • Share content outside of your organization on the cloud

You'll also be shown other little tricks and tips to help you get more out of Alfresco.

We recommend that you go through this tutorial to familiarize yourself with the Alfresco features that will help you to work and collaborate efficiently and effectively.

Using Alfresco