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Emptying deleted files from the Trashcan

When a user deletes any content, the file is not completely removed from the system. At first, it is placed in the Trashcan.

On the Trashcan page, you’ll see a list of the content that has been deleted by users. The content items are listed in date order. If there are no deleted content items, you’ll see a message saying: No items exist.

  1. Open the Admin Console, and then click Trashcan.
  2. On the Trashcan page, select the content item that you wish to remove from the Trashcan.
    1. To remove an item from the Trashcan, click Delete next to the name.
    2. To remove all items from the Trashcan, click Empty.
  3. To return the item back to the original place in the Document Library, click Recover.