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Enabling the IMAP Protocol

The IMAP protocol server is disabled by default. You need to enable the IMAP protocol server to start interaction between the email client and the Alfresco repository.
  1. Open the file.
  2. Add the following sample configuration properties:


    Note: The x.x.x.x value is the IP address (or corresponding DNS name) of your external IP interface. Do not use localhost as the property value.

    The default port value is 143, which will be used even if you do not add the imap.server.port property. You will need to add in this property if you require a different port number.

  3. Restart the Alfresco server.
Once the Alfresco server has restarted, the new configuration will take effect. Since the IMAP server has only one instance, make your configuration changes to the file. You can also create a file called <extension>\subsystems\imap\default\default and add your changes for the IMAP subsystem configuration.