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Configuring replication in the global properties file

You can configure Alfresco to replicate content between source and target repositories.
  1. Shut down the Alfresco server on the source and target repositories.
  2. In the source repository, open the file and make the following updates:

    Set the replication.enabled property to true:

    Note: If this line is not present in the file or the value is set to false, you will not be able to run any replication job. As a result, you will see a similar error message in Share:

    Alternatively, you can enable content replication from the Admin Console. See Admin Console: Working with the replication service for more information.

  3. Save the file.
  4. In the target repository, open the file and make the following updates:
    1. Set the transferservice.receiver.enabled property to true:

  5. Save the file.
  6. Restart Alfresco on both source and target repositories.
  7. Configure the Share URL to allow access to the source repository, as specified in Configuring Share to open locked content in the source repository.
  8. Create a transfer target, as specified in Creating a new transfer target for replication jobs.