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Categorizing content and advanced search

Another feature is the ability to assign categories to items. This allows information to be classified in any number of ways. With this, you can retrieve items that match combinations of constraints, including categories. Categories are hierarchical, so searching for an item in a category will also find anything classified below it. In the following example, you are going to add some content to a category and then search for it.

The first step is to allow the content to be categorized.

  1. Navigate to the Published space and click View Details(View Details) for the document system-overview.html.
  2. Expand the Category pane and click Allow Categorization.
  3. Click Change Category(Change Category) in the top right corner of this pane.
  4. Click Select and then Click here to select a Category.
  5. Click Software Document Classification to view its sub-categories.
  6. Click through the following sub-categories:

    • Software Descriptions

    • Main Software Descriptions

    Modify categories of selected content

  7. Select Short System Description and click Add to List.
  8. Click OK.