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Exporting a space and its contents

The Export function in the Administration Console enables you to copy an Alfresco space and its contents.

Exporting a space differs from copying a space in that the export function bundles all rules, workflow, properties, and metadata associated with the space into an Alfresco Content Package (ACP). You can import the ACP to a different space within Alfresco or into another Alfresco repository altogether.

  1. Navigate to the space you want to export.

    The space header displays the name and details of the space.

  2. In the toolbar, click Administration Console(Administration Console).
  3. Click Export.

    The space header indicates the space selected for export.

  4. On the Export page, type a name for the export package (ACP).
  5. Select a destination location to store the resulting ACP file.
  6. Select Current Space as what you would like to export from.
    1. Check Include Children if you want to export sub spaces.
    2. Check Include this Space if you want to export the selected space as well as the children.
  7. Check Run export in background if you want the export to occur while you are still working.
  8. Click OK.

    The ACP file is created and stored in the destination location.

  9. Click Close to return to the current space.