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Configuring the File System Transfer Receiver

The File System Transfer Receiver transfers folders and content from an Alfresco core repository (the DM) to configured targets using the Transfer Service, for example, a remote file system.

The Transfer Service is accessible as a bean named TransferService, and it can be defined, along with other related beans, in the transfer-service-context.xml spring context file.

A file system transfer target is marked by specializing a normal transfer target to the type trx:fileTransferTarget. It allows you to specify which folder node corresponds to the root folder of the file system receiver by associating the transfer target with a folder (the trx:fileTransferRootFolder association).

It supports sync mode transfer, so it can also be used by the replication service. It includes an embedded Derby database to keep track of data (NodeRef to file path mappings, for example), and it runs as a web application in an embedded Tomcat 7 instance using the Web Script Framework and MyBatis.