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Installing and configuring Microsoft Office SharePoint Protocol Support

The Microsoft Office SharePoint Protocol Support offers Microsoft users greater choice by providing a fully-compatible SharePoint repository that allows the Microsoft Office Suite applications (for example, Word, PowerPoint, Excel) to interact with Alfresco as if it was SharePoint.

This enables your users to leverage the Alfresco repository directly from Microsoft Office.

You can also use Microsoft Office SharePoint Protocol Support to enable online editing for Office documents within Alfresco Share. It enables your users to modify Office files without checking them in and out. Alfresco locks the file while it is being modified and releases the lock when the file is saved and closed.

The following diagram shows the architecture of the SharePoint Protocol Support in relation to an Alfresco installation.
Note: Microsoft Office 2010 onwards doesn't include a Document Management panel for working with the Alfresco repository from Microsoft Office, but you can still use the online editing feature in Alfresco. You can reopen documents stored in Alfresco by clicking File then Recent in a Microsoft Office program and selecting the document.

The SharePoint Protocol Support architecture embeds a Jetty web server within the Alfresco repository. The Microsoft Office clients communicate directly with the Jetty server using WebDAV-like calls with proprietary extensions and on different port number from Alfresco Share. This port number can be configured in the SharePoint Protocol Support properties files.