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Using Alfresco outside of the Alfresco interface

You can work with files in Alfresco without actually being in the Alfresco interface. You may not even know that you are working with Alfresco!
Your administrator can map the Alfresco repository so that you can access your Alfresco content using Windows Explorer or a desktop shortcut. If you are working in this way, then there will be up to 4 additional files shown on each level of the Alfresco structure:
  • __Alfresco.url
  • __CheckInOut.exe
  • __ShowDetails.exe
  • __Share.url

You can use these files to add content to the Alfresco repository, check documents in and out, view document details, and open Alfresco in a browser window.

Note: These options only function when you are working in a Windows environment.