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Setting up Enterprise to Cloud Sync

The Enterprise to Cloud Sync feature is available in Alfresco. This section describes how to configure Enterprise to Cloud Sync and includes solutions for troubleshooting issues.

Enterprise to Cloud Sync allows Alfresco on-premise users to synchronize content to Alfresco in the cloud. This feature supports scenarios where users wish to collaborate on documents with external parties that do not have access to systems behind the firewall. In these circumstances, the on-premise Alfresco instance becomes the system of record, and the cloud instance is the system of engagement for external collaboration.

Once content has been setup to synchronize, the cloud and on-premise instances of the documents are automatically synchronized with each other whenever either version is updated.

To set up Enterprise to Cloud Sync, you need an Alfresco in the cloud account.
Note: Enterprise to Cloud Sync is not supported with a multi-tenant on-premise Alfresco instance.

Any upgraded installations that use sync must run the metadata query patch for best performance. For more information, see Configuring an optional patch for upgrade.