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Synchronizing content to Alfresco in the cloud

The Cloud Sync feature lets you work with your content without you needing access to the on-premise system.

After you synchronize content to the cloud, the on-premise and cloud instances of your content are automatically synchronized with each other whenever either version is updated. This relationship continues until you unsync the content.

When you update a synced item in the cloud, changes to the actual content of the item are synced back to the on-premise version, as are important properties such as the item name and title. Comments made in Alfresco, version changes, and more minor properties are not synced back to the on-premise version.

When a folder is synced, any items it contains (and subfolders if they have been selected to be synced) are indirectly synced. If indirectly synced items or folders are moved out of their directly synced parent folder, then the sync is broken.

You must have an Alfresco in the cloud account to use the Enterprise to Cloud Sync feature. Set up synchronization in your user profile.

To sync content you need to be in the site you want to sync content from; content sync isn't available from the Alfresco Repository.