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The Shelf displays the items in your clipboard. It also provides quick access to content, through shortcuts and the list of recently viewed spaces.
The Clipboard displays items you have collected in Alfresco. Each time you cut or copy an object, the item is added to the Clipboard. An icon next to each item in the list indicates the action that was performed to place it in the clipboard.

Use the Paste As Link feature (Paste As Link) on the clipboard to give you easy access to a content item sorted in another space. The pasted item displays as a content item, starting with the text Link to, and provides you with access to a subset of actions to the item. To use the complete set of actions, you must go to the actual location of the content item.

The clipboard retains the six items most recently cut and copied. An item remains in the clipboard until you delete it or log out.

The Alfresco clipboard is not related to the system clipboard. Any actions you perform in the Alfresco clipboard will not affect the system clipboard.

Recent Spaces
The Recent Spaces list is a quick way to navigate to a space that you recently viewed. The most recent space is displayed at the top of the list, the next most recent space is second in the list, and so on. There are no duplications.

If you alternately click Company Home and My Home, the list will contain these two spaces, with each space being top of the list alternately. There is a limit of six spaces in the list, so when you visit the seventh (non-duplicate) space, the oldest space drops off the list. The contents of Recent Spaces are lost when you log out.

The Shortcuts list displays links to content or spaces that you want to access frequently. You can create any number of shortcuts and they remain in this list until you remove them.