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The toolbar contains a navigation area with buttons that lead to the various spaces: Company Home, My Home, Guest Home, and My Alfresco.

The navigation options displayed depend on the permissions set for the current user.

The search feature located in the toolbar allows you to quickly perform basic searches on content and spaces. It also provides an advanced search option.

The remaining toolbar functions are available to you at all times. Click to access each feature or function.

application logo (Alfresco)
Displays information about the application, including the product version
Administration Console (Administration Console)
Provides you with access to the Administration Console where you perform system administration functions (available only for users with administrative privileges)
User Profile (User Profile)
Enables you to edit your user details, including your user name and password, and set general preferences
Hide or Show the Sidebar (Hide or Show the Sidebar)
Enables you to hide or show the sidebar to expand the working area
Help (Help)
Displays the online help
Raise an Issue link
Displays the Alfresco Community page (, which provides information on how to review current and report new issues with the Alfresco open source application
Login (Login (guest)), Logout (Logout (username))
Logs you in and out of the application