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Module context file

Each module requires a module context file. This loads the Spring configuration for the module.

A module is initialized when the Alfresco repository loads the root Spring configuration for that module.

A module's root Spring configuration must be placed in the package alfresco.module.<module_id> and should be called module-context.xml.

When the module service is initialized, all the module-context.xml configurations found are loaded, thus initializing the installed modules ready for use.

The module-context.xml file is a standard Spring configuration file and typically new beans will be defined, custom content models and client configuration specified and data loaded or patched.

In a big module the configuration may be split up into smaller Spring configurations which are included by module-context.xml.

Note: The property executeOnceOnly, the default value of which is true, tells the system how many times to execute your module. If you want your module to run every time Alfresco is started, set executeOnceOnly to false.