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Packaging techniques

There are various ways of packaging Alfresco extensions. This section of the documentation describes various ways in which extensions can be packaged, including packaging as a module using the AMP file format.

The packaging mechanism selected depends very much on the type of extension being developed. For simple extensions that may consist of a simple web script or two, a suitable choice may be a JAR file containing the scripts, located somewhere on the application server classpath, for example in tomcat/shared/lib. For much more extensive extensions a module layout may be a better choice, where the module is packaged as an AMP file and then applied to a target WAR file such as alfresco.war or share.war.

The main packaging options are:

Unpackaged files
Individual files such as web scripts can be copied into the extension directory.
Zip file
Extensions can be packaged as Zip files.
JAR file
Extensions can be packaged in standard JAR format and loaded using the shared classpath.
AMP file
This is the format of choice for most extensions, especially where the extension is to be widely distributed.

Each of these options is described in the following sections.